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 History - Character - Orville "Osiris" Altune

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PostSubject: History - Character - Orville "Osiris" Altune   History - Character - Orville "Osiris" Altune Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 1:18 am

Born on the fringe of Gold Coast, Orville's family never seemed to "fit in" with Rockport's elite. His father, a manager at the Ardo Shipping dock, was a self-made man, having been the first in a long line of Altunes to pull himself and his family out of the slums of Woodland Valley. This, however, proved to be a source of antagonism between him and the more privleged residents of Gold Coast.

Osiris grew increasingly insenced over the treatment through his school years, the students, taking the baton from their parents, continued the hassling, which forced him to defend himself often. He got to know the principal's office very well.

At age thirteen, he was invited by a sympathetic friend, BK, to come into the North Ridge Gym. Instantly at home pounding away the stresses of his life into the heavy bags, he worked at a nearby restaurant as a bus boy to pay his gym fees.

Upon entering high school, he added football and wrestling to his workout regime, continuing to box in the mornings while working the night shifts every night and the weekends in order to get by. By his senior year, he became a six-foot-three, 189 pound force to be reckoned with, more feared by his fellow students than ridiculed due to his firey personality and heartless demeanor. This was also the year that he met her.


Back at NR Gym, he started training alongside the up-and-comer Griffs Petersen, who wasn't at all intimidated by the youth's cocky attitude. They became natural sparring partners, especially because not many others in the gym were willing to risk taking a beating during one of Osiris' "rage in the cage" moments, when he would go crazy after an accurate punch or a skilled deflection. More than once he tagged Griffs pretty hard, but each time, Griffs would come around and clock him right back, determined to teach this kid to keep himself under control.

During "fight nights", Osiris would often enter, and dominated his opponents routinely. That is, unless Griffs was on the roster. Griffs made it a special point to force Osiris through the entire ten-round bout, never giving him an easy opportunity to end the match with a quick knockout, which drove the younger fighter nuts. Osiris could never best Petersen's skills, simply because he wouldn't take the time to learn. Griffs would always tell him about patience, and about how he needed to take his time with things, instead of just rushing into them.

Osiris, annoyed by Griffs continual "preaching" advice, eventually parted ways with the experienced boxer, preferring his own fighting style, and detesting his sparring partner's continual lectures. Having purchased his own equipment, he trained at home, entering underground fighting tournaments held throughout the downtown arenas of Rockport.

He continued with his legitimate boxing career, however, working his way up the IBF boxing circuit, determined to meet Griffs in the ring yet again. When the opportunity came, it was in the Majesty Theatre, where Osiris was part of a conspiracy to take Griffs out of the third-place spot. Money was exchanged, and the ref was bribed, allowing Osiris plenty of freedom to headbutt, launch elbows, and exchange some low blows, all without retribution. Griffs took it all, but the fire in his eyes could be seen on the back of the stands as Osiris took the title.

Several high-profile members of the Ferrari Family, avid fans of the hometown boxer Griffs Petersen, were extremely suspicious, having watched the fight live, but also noticing the brutality that the ref had completely ignored. After confronting the referee, as well as his accomplice, they discovered that it was Osiris himself who had set the entire plan in motion.

The next night, while visiting Chinatown's infamous strip club, Osiris got just a little too loaded, and the Ferrari's money persuaded Kleo to make the hit. The body, however, was dumped in North Ridge, ignorantly just a few blocks from Griffs apartment. The police suspected him immediately, and he was taken in for questioning.

It was a high profile case, especially considering that Griffs had more motive than anyone to get rid of his rival, now that the entire situation with the ref had been exposed. Though friends and competitors vouched for Griffs' integrity, he was suspected, and forced to undergo an arrest as evidence began convincing detectives otherwise.

Osiris, on the other hand, was dead. His life ended at the point of Kleo's blade, and his rivalry with Griffs Petersen ended with it.
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PostSubject: The Fill In The Bracket Game   History - Character - Orville "Osiris" Altune Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 9:33 pm

Nefertiti Stone feel fast and hard for Osiris despite his wicked attitude. He always saw the young woman as someone he could mentor, but she saw them as more. That didnít stop him from leading her on. He showed her how life was unfair for the common people of Rockport and listened patiently to her philosophy of change. He ridiculed her solutions because, to him, they werenít extreme enough.

ďThe only way that you will get through to the rich is to run them over.Ē

Stone took that and ran with it but when she found herself in trouble it was his little brother, Moses, that took the fall for her. He didnít care that he went to jail, the two had hated each other all their lives.

It didnít matter what Osiris did or didnít do, Nefertiti would still love him through and through. Since he knew this, he took it as an opportunity to run wild.

Osiris was good looking and naturally popular with all the ladies. All but one, in fact, and it was she that he wanted to convince the most. When Nefertiti got wind of his little obsession with Kofo she found herself bent on getting her back.

What Nefertiti did not know was that he was often very violent toward Kofo and that her relationship with Osiris wasnít one of love but one of absolute fear. Because someone would always conveniently stand in the way of him getting what he wanted, Osiris found other outlets for his frustration.

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History - Character - Orville "Osiris" Altune
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