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 Character - "Griffs" Petersen

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Gryphon J. Petersen, "Griffs" -

Griffs realized long ago that his most effective way of pulling together support was raw power. He spent his high-school afternoons training, and his senior year, he was crowned the regional Super Middleweight champion for his age class. After high school, he continued to train at the North Ridge Gym, continuing to build his reputation and gaining recognition throughout the fighting community.

Upon entering the professional Cruiserweight rankings, he immediately recieved attention, as he successfully won his first seven fights in a row, all by knockout. He continued up the ranks, until he lost his number 3 slot in the IBF rankings. He then turned his attention towards wrestling, and began to train again.

Now, at 28, Griffs lives in north Rockport, one of the more middle-class areas of the city. He still frequents North Ridge, but now as a mentor and instructor, though he's been known to be pretty harsh with gym members that come in with a know-it-all attitude.

Griffs is usually quiet and controlled, and has a very one-sided view of the world. If you stick with him, then you better stick with him. He values his friends and himself above all else, and doesn't have a lot of patience for stupidity.


Griffs has friendships with several of the different fighters at North Ridge Gym, but there are three he knows best:

Benjamin "BK" Mendez (22) - A hispanic kid who'd been coming to the gym for the past five years. He's easily recognized by his shaved head and trademark goatee. He has a deep voice, and very little trace of his ancestry, aside from his tanned skin. A bit of a hotshot, he looks toward Griffs as both a mentor and something of an older brother.

Nathan Sarkis (25) - As a mechanic down at Beck's Automotive, Nate stands out as the only white worker among mostly blacks. He takes it in stride, however, and seems to fit in well with everyone. He's a fairly big guy, and usually boxes just to stay fit.

Ronald Trenton (25) - Ronny has always been the craziest one of the group, dying his hair different colors, wearing bright, vibrant clothes - the others used to think he was actually gay. His personality, however, fully matches his styling, as he's one of the most outgoing. His enthusiasm also tends to pull Nate and BK along because they look to him for what's "hip" in Rockport's underground.


About two years ago, Griffs formed a friendship with Bobby Lawrence, a karate Grand Master who owns the Lawrence Dojo on the east side of Woodland Valley. Because Griffs is the main instructor at North Ridge Gym, the two have committed to provide opportunities to help the youth of the area to protect themselves from the gangs that are ravaging the valley. Griffs, however, seems to take the situation much more personally.

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Character - "Griffs" Petersen
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