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 Character - Moses Altune

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PostSubject: Character - Moses Altune   Character - Moses Altune Icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2007 2:49 pm

Moses Altune alias The Truth

Mos is a prominent player in the Pharaohs. He is the right hand man of The Answer and guards his superior’s true identity just as everyone else does. Mos is handsome but this is obscured by his general asshole attitude. He is sarcastic, argumentative and never forgets a debt owed or a grudge that has not been avenged. His one point of redemption is that he is very generous. Mos’s one weakness is his inability to let go of a wrong.

In his business dealings he is cold hearted, but he wouldn’t be as successful if he cared. He is calculating and is almost never outthought by anyone. He is a died in the wool racketeer. A criminal mastermind, methodical and organized. He directs and oversees a complex flow of illegal drugs and weaponry into and out of the Industrials. He often uses people from other gangs as pawns to meet his ends.

Mos was kicked out of high school after a scant two years for assault. He was a very bright and promising student but his attitude was so abrasive no teacher would stand up to vouch for him. He was tried as an adult at fifteen and spent two years in juvenile hall. His life of crime took off. It has been said of Mos before, that if not for that incident, with his mind and cunnning he could have been a lawyer--or the president.

He has always resented Kofo because they were in the same classes together and always competed for everything. When he was thrown out of school he felt that the life that Kofo led was the one he deserved. They are like oil and water and have never been able to agree on anything.

Mos is tall with brown eyes. He always wears a fedora and has sideburns. You would never know that he is as wealthy as he is because he does not show it. His only indulgence is a golden amulet of a sphinx that he wears around his neck. Unlike all the other Pharaohs, Mos makes it a point to dress down. He usually has on jeans, a graphic t-shirt, a blazer and flip flops. This is all part of his deception, the cops would look for a flashy man. If they looked hard enough they’d see his wallet usually has more money in it than a bank vault.

His Pharaoh alias is The Truth because he is blisteringly blunt and The Truth hurts.

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Character - Moses Altune
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