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 Character - Christopher Andrew Royals, Alias Dru Valentine

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Character - Christopher Andrew Royals, Alias Dru Valentine Empty
PostSubject: Character - Christopher Andrew Royals, Alias Dru Valentine   Character - Christopher Andrew Royals, Alias Dru Valentine Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2007 4:59 pm

Christopher Royals was born the son of Keith Royals, before he became mayor and before he entered politics at all. He was unceremoniously kicked out of his home at age 4 along with his mother when Keith found someone who was rich and well connected with the "well-to-do's" of Rockport City. After 16 years of power broking he became mayor of Rockport, leaving Chris and his mother Melena out on the streets for dead. Little did he know they still lived.

A year after his ascenscion to mayor Melena caught pneumonia, and two months later, left her 21 year old son Christopher to fend for himself. Fearing his father might one day come for him to tie up loose ends in his political background he changed his name to Dru Valentine, and disappeared into the criminal underworld in the innercity area.

Three years later, in Keith's fourth year as mayor, finds Chris, now Dru as muscle for hire amongst the gangs and mobs of Rockport. He spent some time around gyms beating on punching bags and people in general, with no real training though, he knew he couldn't survive on using his fists alone. Dru started wielding a piece of lead pipe, and a length of chain he took off of someone in a fight after breaking his ribs in an alleyway one night. Dru usually took jobs beating on any rebellious gang member when a leader needed him silenced or any thug that had a price on his head worthy of his time. It wasn't much but it was enough for a small, damp flat he could call home in the Rosewood district.

One day Dru meets with Parker Shield, leader of a local gang called the Hornets. Parker had heard talk of the mayor hiring high level gangs to start "taking care of" the smaller gangs and loners in the city, and they were looking for recruits to help with the job. Intrigued at the possibility of getting close enough to his father to pay him back for the way he threw him and his mother out into the streets all those years ago, Dru accepted Parker's request to join the hit squad, and began keeping tabs on his father, and keeping the Hornets out of his Keith Royals' sight.

Physical: Forgot all of this, whoops.

Dru is tall, not gigantic, but enough that he can see over most people in a crowd. He wears his trademark chain like a belt with his pipe hooked through one of his belt loops. His black hair is matted and decidedly unkempt, and hsi face is pale, probably from too many night outings. You usually find his visage accompanied by the stray bruise he earned taking on his next mark.
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Character - Christopher Andrew Royals, Alias Dru Valentine
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