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This is how The Illusion began, back in November of 2001. We have placed these posts here so that writers, new and old, may be able to see some of the differences that experience, teamwork (and a lot of writing) can make. The characters here seemed to grow with their respective writers, as can be seen by reading the posts that each author contributed to the story. Mistakes were made, and styles were learned, criticism was given and taken, writers came and went... And friendships were created.

We would like to thank all the writers who contributed to The Illusion over the years, including Unknown, Andromeda/atcgdna, Dragoon/Dezya, angelo, Ke'ak, ZION, Rose, Echo, Zander, Horse, crazythorn, KO, Amory, Hunter, 1073, Saangirl, and many others whose ideas and skills helped to shape and mold the story into what it is today.

These posts are for archival and historical purposes only, and are not to be edited, changed, or altered in any way. The posts and the content therein are attributed to their specific authors, and have been provided by The Illusionists for review. While some characters, creatures, and/or places mentioned in these posts may be used for future incarnations of The Illusion, they remain the sole property of The Illusionists.


"cuchulain" is the monitor for Virtual Battle School (VBS) on hatrack.com, where this story was originally posted. As such, she is responsible for several edits throughout these posts.
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