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 The Answer - Character

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PostSubject: The Answer - Character   Fri Jun 15, 2007 12:35 am

I'm trying to figure out a way for The Answer to be connected to each of our characters personally just for my own amusement and because it's ironic that each of us know her but don't know who she is, really.

The only way I've come up with making this happen is to make a flow chart for you as to why your character is connected to The Answer. It's not that you all must be connected to The Answer, but just from a writing standpoint each of your characters happens to have a relationship with her somehow.

She's the Kevin Bacon of Rockport, apparently.

I just made it that way so that we could go a lot of directions with her since she's the first official Every Person's Character on this board. If you are not comfortable with your relationship with her, let me know and I will adjust it in some way. But try to think of juicy ways you can play off of this.

Kleo: Kleo killed Osiris, who was The Answer's one true love.

Dru: Dru is the son of the mayor who may be the father of The Answer.

Kofo: Osiris was obsessed with Kofo and tried to cheat on The Answer with her.

Lilly: Lilly is the daugher of the mayor who may be the father of The Answer.

Mos: Mos is Osiris' younger brother and was naturally affected by his death

Griffs: Osiris used to go to the gym and train with Griffs--The Answer also hung out there as well from time to time.

Tommy: The Answer is personally gunning for Tommy because she simply doesn't like this guy.

Parker: From the very beginning Parker has been helping her along the way whether or not he knew what he was really doing.

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PostSubject: Re: The Answer - Character   Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:27 am

The Answer

“Nefertiti” L. Stone

Nefertiti means the perfect, beautiful woman has come.

The Answer has never been easy for life to bend.

Born to an unknown man and a fifteen-year-old mother, The Answer, from birth was surrounded by squalor. A cardboard box was the only cradle a teen-age girl could find for her child. There she left her in pouring rain behind a dumpster, hoping she would die quickly and she wouldn’t have to share her shame with her family.

Eve Stone was surprised to find that the child would not cry for help, but instead kicked furiously at the sides of the box. She took this as a sign that the girl was trying to get out of her situation but wouldn’t do so complaining. Instead, she’d figure out her own way to get free.

Perhaps out of pity, maybe out of shame for having no faith in herself, Eva rescued her own child and ran away from her country home to the steel walls of Rockport where the child was conceived, hoping for a better life for them both.

She naively believed that if she went to the government for help, someone would give her a hand. Eva worked as a janitor in a government building where an ambitious young man was trying to make a name for himself. It was a name that Eva knew too well, the name of the father of her child to be exact.

He was focused, greedy and cutthroat. These were all the perfect ingredients to his ultimate goal, being as high up on the totem pole in Rockport as he could. His one weakness was for under aged girls, it was their innocence that he relished the most and with his evilness he spoiled even that.

When she showed him their child he almost killed her out of fear, out of denial, out of the press it would generate. Never did he think to support the child or make life for the mother more comfortable. Eve, like most people in his life, was just a rag to wipe his feet on, she was even worse—a garbage pail for his DNA.

After Eve’s mysterious disappearance from Rockport and the world, in general, it was only through stories that Nefertiti began to discover her mother’s origins and her father’s deceit.

She grew up in Clayton’s Pier orphanage nestled between the impoverished living conditions of the Industrials and the extravagance of The Gold Coast.

She went to school religiously and spent all her spare time eavesdropping on classes at Capulet University. She as there so much that she eventually convinced everyone there that she was some obscure faculty member’s daughter. She was attracted most to political science, history. She admired revolutionaries, serial killers fascinated her, freedom fighters won her heart.

Looking at the students that attended the University she realized that they were all equipped to handle the world and bank all the money in it, while there were just as many students in the Industrials who were just as bright but couldn’t afford to get such an education and were so downtrodden they would never aspire for one.

She decided then that things were unfair and she would do what must be done to correct them. People who know what she knew, people who be given a decent chance to learn, people should be given choices and all those that stood in the way of those freedoms should be eliminated.

While walking the streets of Rockport her revolutionary heart was softened when her eyes fell on the most beautiful man she had ever known. Osiris Altune was a militant and aggressive youth that worked off his anger at NR Gym. She would go there every night after she left the college to watch him box. It took a while for him to notice her but when he did he always saw her as a little sister, rather than a potential lover.

He was the toughest, meanest person she had ever met but his mind amazed her. He was the first person to listen to her thoughts on the unbalanced position of the world they lived in. “Then change it,” he mused. “Change it to the way you think it should be. You can’t do any worse than the f*ckers in power now. Take what you want and don’t apologize for it.”

It was then that she drew up the first makings of her plans. Somehow she would unite the gangs of Rockport and have them overthrow the government that was strangling them to death.

Her first move was a ballsy one. She set fire to the great Rockport statue of an angel leading soldiers into battle. She made sure that the angel was completely scorched and blindfolded the mindless soldiers that followed her finger to do whatever was her whim.

The next day two young men from her high school were accused of the crime and questioned. Furious that his name would even come up, Moses Altune did what he always did, lost his temper at the wrong time. He got into a fight with the other boy and since suspicions were already high that he had done the crime, he served her sentence for arson.

It took her six months to write him a letter confessing that she had really been the perpetrator and explained the reasons behind her actions. His response was immediate. He had found religion in jail and had forgiven her for letting him take the fall. He surmised that his position was a good one; from jail he could find a lot of people that felt the way she did—that they had no choices in life and they needed a chance to prove themselves.

If Nefertiti was the Pharaoh’s mother, Moses was its father.

As soon as he got out of jail they began to mold and create as unstoppable an army as anyone could have imagined—all with eyes trained at the delicate throat of Rockport’s elite.

The first they needed was equipment and on a budget of zero dollars they went to The Junkyard to find their furnishings for a hide out. Nefertiti asked Parker Shield to do her a solid and let her have the things she needed from his trash play pin with the promise that she would pay him back when the time came. They set up their headquarters somewhere secret in the deepest, most obvious cove of The Industrials. It’s always hardest to find something in plain sight, Nerfertiti mused.

It was then that she changed her name to Nefertiti in the first place—holding on to her mother’s last name so that one day her “father” might recall it before she cut his throat. She hid herself in plain sight, she had a secret identity and agenda but her enemies never knew who she was exactly, yet all of them knew her personally. From time to time she would gossip with them about herself and laugh about it later.

There were only three people in Rockport that she had a special hatred in her heart for, aside from the rich. The mayor, Tommy Finn and Kleo.

The mayor, because she had reason to believe she was the bastard of a bastard. Kleo, because she killed Osiris and her dream of a normal life, Tommy because he rode on the coattails of privilege yet still tried to pretend to be a gangster anyone could respect.

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PostSubject: Re: The Answer - Character   Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:40 am

Other Stuff

Weapon: Sais, Other People

Random Things about The Answer

If a poll was given where only three things could describe The Answer the top three would be "Weird, Prone-to-outbursts, scary-as-hell." If this same test were given for Nefertiti the answers would be, "Sweet, goofy, funny." Go figure, she's sweet and a little nuts.

She has a very dark, sick sense of humor.

Nefertiti is small, but very threatening to meet in person. When she is The Answer there is nothing more terrifying than a tiny black lady shouting at you about how quickly you will die if you don’t do as you’re told. When she is masquerading around town as Nefertiti she’s the sweetest person anyone could talk to. She seems genuinely concerned about people’s problems—or is she just looking for their weaknesses? She's probably the only one who knows which one she really is.

She’s five feet tall, one hundred and fifteen pounds with an Afro taking much the majority of that space. She has a very capricious, eccentric way of dressing. She’s very laid back and doesn’t seem to have any capacity to lose her ability to relax even in the most critical of situations. She can yell at people without seeming to lose her composure, which is kind of freaky to watch.

She is a habitual list maker. She makes lists for everything that she has to do or has done. She usually burns these with a lighter after they are complete but there is one list that she has not been able to torch. “Free the People, Open their Eyes, Point them the Right Way.”

She considers herself to be a spiritual leader. World has spread that The Answer will come to Rockport when the crisis of class and wealth reaches a fever pitch. It is then that she will liberate the poor and put the unjustly rich at their mercy.

The Answer has extended an invitation to every gang to join her in her fight, except for the Devil Crew. If there is any gang that she loathes more than them, it would be a deep seated hate for Kleo. She hopes to somehow eliminate her to get back at Kofo and avenge Osiris.

She is very rational and has a clear train of thought. The mayor believes he is using her to clean up the ilk that is brewing in Rockport. Really, she is using his immunity to do this job and then fully intends to turn right back around on him and take him down as well.

There is something catlike about her. She moves quickly and has a sharp way of looking about. She has a high, almost childish voice but what she says is profound because she has the soul of a poet and the force of a general.

She is ruthless, opportunistic and focused. Few things get past her and when they do she wastes no time using her loss as a slingshot to a new advantage. She funds the Pharaohs thorough the distribution of Nimbus and uses the rest of those profits to set up a tutoring program for Industrial kids.

She has quite an impressive collection of weapons that is so extensive and exhaustive it’s a veritable dictionary in the who’s who of weaponry. This arsenal grows and grows every day.

Favorite color, smell, food, guilty pleasure: Gold, it goes well with white. Peppermint it smells like the inside of a new purse. Cube steak, she misses it now that she’s a vegetarian. Making up corny raps, she can’t catch the beat when people are around.

Least favorite person, relative, kind of weather: She really can’t stand Tommy Finn it seems the world was given to him on a spoon up his butthole, her father for obvious reasons, she hates rainy days maybe because she was born on one.

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PostSubject: Re: The Answer - Character   

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The Answer - Character
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