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 Outline of Discussion

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PostSubject: Outline of Discussion   Outline of Discussion Icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2007 6:41 pm

The basic synopsis:

Currently, there are five main "groups" in the city:

The Mayor - as well as any henchmen he might have.

The Pharoahs - Details on the Reference section.

The Hornets - Also.

Shu Li's Freelancers, or "Kleo's Trio" - Consisting of Kleo, Dru Valentine, and Tommy Finn. May eventually include all of the Dragon Tails.

and, lastly...

NR Gym/Lawrence Dojo - Consisting of fighters under Griffs and Bobby.

Since we haven't really been "on the same page" lately, here's the outline of what we figured out over the course of two hours:

The Mayor is trying to cause heavy trouble in the inner city, so that he can stop it himself and be acclaimed as a hero. He enlists the help of two "out-of-town" gangs in order to do it, all under the control of his daughter, Lily.

These two gangs are as follows:

The Steel Wolves - A group of ex-cons who have gotten together out of the joint with a vendetta against society. The Mayor was able to pull some strings so that they'd get out quickly, in exchange for this little favor.

The Outsiders - A group of former military who work well together, but were courtmarshalled for various reasons. These guys are dangerous, and also happen to be the ones who took DJ.


Now, DJ was kidnapped simply to cause trouble among the inner city gangs, which is exactly what's happening right now. But the Outsiders are going to show up, and drop of the body of DJ before causing even bigger riots, and pretty much just trashing Woodland Valley from top to bottom. This is going to definitely ignite the fire in not only the Hornets, but also the other two inner-city groups.

Dru, who has betrayed both sides of the conflict, joins up with the new gangs in an attempt at keeping his head above water, all without knowing that his father, the Mayor, and his sister, Lily, are really calling the shots.

During this time, the Answer, leader of the Pharaohs, is taking the opportunity to further his own agenda. Because he wants to eliminate whom he deems as "unjustly privileged", (the corrupt wealthy class), the Pharoahs are going to launch their own attack on Gold Coast and the upper-class areas of the Downtown district, in an attempt to undercut the government.

This, however, is exactly what the Mayor wants. He's therefore removed two thorns at once. The crime of Woodland Valley is going to be cleaned up by the Outsiders and Steel Wolves after they cause even more havoc, and his rivals in the upper class are going to be taken out by the Pharaohs. It's a clear shot for him to the governer's office.

The only problem, though, is when the inner-city gangs rally together. They can't go after the mayor through "proper" channels, but they're royally pissed, and ready to take him down. The showdown, most likely, will be between one of the main characters and the Mayor himself, in his own Security Firm office. (Not a government building.) This is where he'll have been running the show, and this is where it all ends.

I think that's all that we worked out. Hopefully I explained it well enough!

- K
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PostSubject: Re: Outline of Discussion   Outline of Discussion Icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2007 7:39 pm

Sounds good to me. I'll get started on a post

EDITED: You know wats sad? Two hours and it seems like so little. tsk tsk.

EDITED (Vol 2): Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but I have a very vague understanding of politics, so forgive me if I mess up in like explaining it in my post.
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