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She was slender and petite, and carried a unique old style type of beauty like that of Grace Kelly or Ingrid Bergman. Her dark, ebony eyes housed a charmingly mischievous look that only added to her already alluring appearance. Atop her smooth olive complexioned skin was a head full of short dark brown hair tied back into a neat bun of soft curls. She wore a silk black cocktail dress that hugged the exquisite contours of her body effectively with matching black heels. Looking as if she walked out of a manís fantasy, she was undoubtedly a sight for sore eyes. However, this one of a kind feline possessed a vice that most women of her beauty fall victim to: excessive drinking and smoking.

Although she was a victim of such an ugly habit, she could sincerely say that her reasons for such an abuse of the good old cancer sticks, and the throat burning liquid were that of a unique one. It was quite simple to her actually, life had lost its colors and wasnít really worth living. Well, thatís how it was until something interesting enough was worth arresting her attention, only then did the alcoholic beverages become less frequent. As for the cigarettes, she never planned on giving that up. She considered it a habit carved in stone with her. She once said that cigarettes would be the one and only thing that would be the very cause of her death. Funny, one would think that would be the very reason of dropping such a bad habit, however, she was a different case. A more special case that is. Granted, the dame had a stomach of iron. She could hold her herself well when it came to alcohol. Drinking it before breakfast, or any other meal for that matter, was like a walk in the park, so why even try to pass up such an offer when your body was already so accustomed to it.

(I hate writing profiles, so I just did the good old copy and paste. i thought it was a good description in my post anyway.)
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Lily Lockheart
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