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 Illusion Application

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PostSubject: Illusion Application   Illusion Application Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2007 6:47 pm


Welcome to The Illusion! We know that this is an new, exciting and mythical place, and many of you may wish to join. In an effort to continue the legacy of former Illusionists, this application has been created to help interested writers “prove their mettle.”

Now, don’t be scared, just do your best. Please realize that there are a large number of writers and only a few slots available. The writers have to be a little picky. Just write as best as you can, and you may have a chance to write with the Illusionists.

A few quick rules before you start the application process:

1. All applications must be sent to all of the Illusion writers. Any applicants who send to only one will be disqualified. (It’s really not that hard, is it?)

2. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, just because you get yours in first doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re accepted.

4. All essays must be written using the same character. This is not necessarily the character that you may end up writing with, but we need to see the same character in different situations to get a "feel" for your writing.

3. All applications must be original. Blatant "cheating" is not allowed, and any accepted writer who is found to have not written his own application will be barred from the Illusion.

4. The writers of The Illusion have the option of bending or changing these rules if necessary.

Alright, got it? Well, then let’s get started.

The Illusion application consists of three parts. The first is a testing of word exercise. You will be provided with a list of words, and will then choose two options. Following the instructions, you must complete two essays, one for each of the chosen options. Each essay may be no longer than 500 words, and must be followed exactly. It would be ideal to include the listed words in CAPITAL LETTERS in order to make counting easier.

The second is a series of responses to commonly encountered Illusion posts. You will simply choose two scenarios, and “post” replies according to the instructions. Again, essays must be shorter than 500 words, and must be using your applying character.

The third is a simple profile of the character you plan to include in the Illusion.

Part One – Word List

Remember, what we’re looking for in this exercise is skill in using an expanded vocabulary, correct word usage, but most importantly creativity and readability. An interesting and creative essay will easily score more points than one that simply follows the criteria.

Remember, you must include EXACTLY two of the following options.

Word List

Annoy, Altitude, Apology, Acquire, Age, Berry, Brake, Blaring, Burst, Beat, Brush, Bruise, Bludgeon, Baked, Con, Crowd, Concentrate, Cower, Carnal, Certainly, Cow, Clearly, Child, Drown, Discipline, Dark, Dodge, Dirt, Drooping, Dance, Dove, Elbow, Effort, Elope, Elite, Emblem, Engineer, Fangs, Falcon, Frolic, Finger, Fruit, Fuss, Farce, Fresh, Fierce, Fancy, Frown, Frustrated, Gnaw, Grasp, Gallop, Garden, Granite, Goal, Graying, Handle, Horror, Haggard, Haste, Haunt, Include, Isolate, Inexplicable, Ignore, Issue, Journey, Joke, Jealous, Join, Justice, Jewel, King, Kill, Kindle, Kangaroo, Know, Look, Lick, Liquid, Lazy, Lace, Landing, Lame, Lash, Laugh, Levitate, Lock, Minor, Monster, Mandolin, Mantle, Mysterious, Morning, Mirror, Mercy, Maverick, Mayhem, Mistaken, Meeting, Mouth, Mercury, Mulch, Native, Nude, Nimble, Nymph, Object, Obstacle, Opponent, Organize, Prefer, Pocket, Prone, Proud, Provide, Parents, Quarter, Quiver, Quirk, Quintessential, Questionable, Redden, Recover, Review, Revive, Roar, Rain, Release, Random, Relationship, Steal, Slice, Spit, Shoot, Store, Swear, Search, Struggle, Sticky, Swelter, Steal, Spleen, Sarcastic, Stroke, Talon, Token, Tumble, Tire, Time, Terror, Tyranny, Termite, Tremble, Tiger, Thimble, Throne, Unrest, Unpleasant, Unleash, Usurp, Unearth, Vigorous, Vortex, Vertigo, Vapor, Volatile, Voluntary, Voodoo, Water, Wolf, World, Warf, Wound, Winged, Weighty, Whim, Wooden, Wheel, Wholesome, Wheeze, Xebec,* Xenophobe, Xiphoid,** Xylophone, Yeti, Yellowing, Yawn, Yoke, Zany, Zealot, Zero, Zephyr, Zone.***

*A ship with sails.
** Sword shaped.
***There are about 20 additional words, mainly more nouns and verbs. I think since we had a lot of adjectives the last time it was more difficult and so the word amount has gone down as well.


1. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph and describe your character's most fanciful day dream/dream.

2. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph and describe your character's worst day on earth.

3. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph and describe how your character would A) react when they first realized their powers B) would use their powers to defeat an enemy. Be sure to describe the powers and their limitations in detail.

4. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph and describe how your character would react if they had to face their largest fear.

5. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph and describe your character's luckiest day.

6. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph to describe what your character would do if they were lost on a path and met someone (bad or good) on the road.

7. Use 15-20 of these words in a paragraph to describe your character doing something they normally never would do. Be sure to illustrate how their actions now are different than they usually would be.

Remember that these essays must be written as if they would actually be posted in the Illusion, and should be focused on your applying character.

Part Two – Scenarios

Keep in mind that completing the task is one thing, but characterization and creativity are what really count here. Do you draw the reader into the mind and soul of your character? Are you showing who your character is, or are you simply telling?

These situations are commonplace in the Illusion, and learning to deal with them in creative ways is essential to writing here.

SCENARIO ONE – Surroundings

Trale didn’t know where he was, and it bothered him. He could smell the damp air, and could hear some trickling water, but it seemed far too distant. The blindfold over his eyes and the gag in his mouth seemed to muffle his senses, and the painful throbbing in his head wasn’t helping. He had to figure out where he was. Was he alone? His hands were tied in front of him, but after already a half-hour of working on the ropes blindly, both on his wrists and feet, he realized it was useless. He leaned his head against something hard, something rough. Without his hands he was unable to determine what it was. He heard a rustle to his left, and reached out and around. Was someone there?

“Mmphherrrrooo?” The gag muffled his voice. But he thought he heard another’s muffled voice from the same direction as the rustle. There’s someone else here. Trale tried to struggle his way over, to find the other person, but his bound limbs hampered his movements. Grr... Suddenly he heard a twig snap to his right. He turned his head, instinctively, but something grabbed his gag and whipped his head forward. There was some pulling behind his head, and suddenly the blindfold was pulled free.

[Your character is also in the room, mentioned as that other person to Trale’s left. Your character is bound similar in fashion, with gag and blindfold. However, in the course of your response, you must describe where Trale and your character are, in as much description as you feel necessary. You are not required to “further” the story. Maximum response length – 500 words.]


It was right behind her! Pyra ducked to the ground just as a massive shape leaped, barely missing her by inches. The massive beast crashed into a tree, dazed, but far from disabled. It turned, its menacing orange eyes seemingly aflame with rage. It stood on four paws, but that’s about where its feline resemblance ended. Its claws were curved daggers, four on each paw, each the length of a hunting knife. Two long spikes jetted down out of its mouth, just like the prehistoric saber-toothed tiger. It’s fur was green, with two black stripes running like a skunk’s down it’s back. A white mane of fur ringed its face, save for the two bull horns that aimed at Pyra’s neck.

Pyra felt herself involuntarily swallow as she raised the two hatchets in her hands. This, she thought, may have been your stupidest move ever, Pyra. The beast’s mouth seem to widen into a grin, as it roared. It knew that Pyra was nothing but a rag doll in comparison to its 500-pound frame. She would make a handsome appetizer, though. Pyra steeled herself to strike, and the giant cat prepared to pounce. The moment came.

[Your character, whatever his relationship to Pyra, is at the scene. Describe your character battling the beast, in whatever way he would handle the situation, and save Pyra. Maximum length of response – 500 Words.]


“Why do you have to be so dull-witted?” Paula responded. “Do you think that we can just waltz in there with swords drawn, and they’ll just give up Wyatt just like that?” Queda, you’re honestly such a ditz. She pulled her blond hair behind her ear, and took a deep breath as she paced across the tent floor. How in the world had they gotten into this mess in the first place? If Wyatt had just stayed with the group, instead of always wandering off, they all would have been just fine. Instead, now they had to play search and rescue, and waste more time that could have been better spent trying to get out of this hell-hole.

She looked over to Bali, who had his staff in his hands. “Can’t you fly with that thing?”

Bali grinned slightly at Paula’s reaction, and nudged [YOUR CHARACTER] with his elbow. “She is very firey, no?” He followed her with his eyes as she paced the room. Why overreact? I thought it was a decent suggestion. He gripped his staff, and then started tossing it lightly from one hand to the other, when she suddenly turned to him.

“Can’t you fly with that thing?”

“Not exactly,” answered Bali. “Levitate, yes. Fly, no. I think Queda have good idea. We surprise them with full attack, and they have no idea we’re coming. Knock their shoes off.”

“You mean socks off,” corrected Queda. “And I still agree.” She knew that Paula wouldn’t like her idea, but she figured that was just because Paula hadn’t thought of it herself. Pride will ruin any situation.

Queda knew that Wyatt hadn’t gotten captured on purpose, and was probably trying to escape even now. A full-out frontal attack on the prison would allow them to surprise the captors, and that’s all that Queda could count on. She turned to Paula.

“And,” she said. “I’m not dull-witted. It was a decent suggestion, and you know it.”

[You are to use the information above to write out a full scenario. You may include the above quotes and actions however you see fit, but must include a response from only your character (no godding) and solution that may or may not work in order to rescue Wyatt. You are not required to carry it out, but you must respond to the group, and attempt to bring them back together as a team. Maximum response length – 500 words.]


The ocean lapped against the shore, tickling the toes of the two barefoot figures walking down the coastline. The sun was setting, casting a beautiful array of colors across the horizon. Reds, yellows and oranges blended flawlessly with the purples and golds, reflecting through the scattered clouds now glowing with the fading beams of daylight. The white-sand beach was warm, still sparkling and clean. The heat of the day still permeated the air, with the spray of the sea against sand and rocks filling lungs with the aroma of ocean air.

A breeching whale’s call echoed from a nearby bay, the mammal itself prudently out of sight. The stars would be out soon. One of the figures slowed, and turned to the other. Some large rocks were conveniently nearby, just out of the tide’s reach, inviting them to sit as they spoke.

[Your character is one of the figures, with a potential significant other as the second. You simply have to write out a decent, appropriate, and realistic romantic conversation. This is unique, in that you have control over both characters, but it is essential to the application. Maximum response length – 500 words.]

Part Three – Character Profile

Okay, now that you’ve finished all of that, we need a quick character rap sheet for our own information. Please be clear and detailed, but do not go overboard. This part of the application does not need to be written “by” the character, and is simply informative.


Character Name:
Ethnic Background:


Powers and Abilities/Explanation (If Applicable):


And then you’re set to e-mail it off! Be sure to include your own information – e-mail especially, for updates and contacts. Also remember that you MUST e-mail the application to ALL e-mail addresses, preferably simultaneously.

Angelo - joslyn.bloomfield@gmail.com
Ke'ak - tihnjl@hotmail.com
Hunter - sonicstar@adelphia.net
KO - julietkocallaghan@gmail.com
Amory - randomclone@aol.com
Sara - saanengirl@hotmail.com

As well, please send it to our reference address for documentation: illusionreference@hotmail.com

APPLICAION SHOULD INCLUDE: Two word list essays, two scenarios, and a character profile.

Remember, though there will only be a selected number of accepted applicants, there’s not really a “last chance” when it comes to this. Instead, new positions become available from time to time. Who knows what may happen in the world of Illusionia? Thanks for your time and good luck!

- The Illusionists
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Illusion Application
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