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 Character - Tommy Finn

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PostSubject: Character - Tommy Finn   Character - Tommy Finn Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2007 5:44 pm

Tommy Finn was the kind of person who had respect that he didnít earn, but somehow deserved it anyway. He led a relatively easy nineteen years of life as Collin Finnís only son, and heir to The Devilís Crew throne. He made no effort to hide to the coziness of his upbringing, but he did not try to take advantage of it either. He knew he was spoiled, but nobody would ever accuse him of it. Tommy was smart, and everybody knew that when the time came for him to fill his fatherís shoes he would do a good job. Tommy had a particular interest in politics, and studied the great leaders of history, including his father, and tried to emulate them. He learned that they were not great men by the false standards that society held. He learned that they were great men by their own standards.

Tommy always got what he wanted. When his father stopped giving it to him, he got it himself. Tommy did not like taking things unfairly, or by force. As with most Devil Crew members, Tommy liked to trade. However, Tommy only traded on his own terms, and he never made a trade where he didnít get the better deal. Tommy respected tradition, but he did not allow himself to be tied down by it. For example, members of the Devilís Crew had ridden only cruisers for years, mostly Harleyís and Indians. Tommy chose a dual sport bike instead, an import no less. He wanted a bike that would be able to handle the pot holes that were becoming more prominent on Rockportís streets. He also wanted to be able to go off road if necessary.

The two halves of a staff that Tommy carried on his back secured that he would not be taken advantage of. He had traded a small shipment of knives for martial arts training from an unnamed leader in China Town; a load of DVD players for boxing lessons from a man from Northridge, and his dad taught him every thing he knew... which was a lot. Tommy certainly knew how to protect himself.

Tommy never touched a single drug, or drank a drop of alcohol. He saw how easy it was to take advantage of those who had, and decided that he never wanted to risk being that vulnerable.

To have the respect that he received from the Devilís Crew, given to him from all the gangs was Tommyís biggest goal.
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Character - Tommy Finn
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