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 Gang - Pharoahs

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PostSubject: Gang - Pharoahs   Tue May 08, 2007 2:53 pm



The Pharaohs are a gang that is local to the Industrial area. Unlike most gangs, it is not a gang composed of many people of the same race. Instead, it's a territorial gang. Anyone who lives in the area is welcomed to join. Since there is a lot of diversity--excluding the upper crusty portion of people who live exclusively in the shadow of Capulet University--the Pharaohs are a veritable United Nations of crime.

Only intelligent thugs are allowed to become part of the gang. The weeding factor being their performance of their first task. This is a crucial part of becoming a Pharaoh because no one is given a second chance. If the applicant completes his or her task in a way that is not just satisfactory but impresses The Answer they are extended an invitation to join.

The Pharaohs live by Egyptian principles. They believe that to keep one's heart empty is the epitome of living. Legend has it only a heart as light as air, when weighed by Anubis (their mascot), will grant one a spot into heaven. The Pharaohs believe only an empty heart will give a person a chance on these streets.

The sign of the Pharaoh is to press your middle and ring fingers against your thumb while keeping your pinkie and index finger erect. This creates the face of the jackal headed god Anubis. The space between the fingers being the all-seeing-eyes of the Pharaohs.


Changing Faces

Weapon: Nunchakus

Random Fact: She found out she was a lesbian the day she fell in love with Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady.” She was seven.

She’s Thai, she’s tiny, she’s tenacious.

Changing Faces got involved in the world of crime because she found that she fit almost all the stupid stereotypes there were for Asian women. How could she get mad at people for trying to make fun of her for flower arranging, sewing and home décor when she fit the bill?

Instead of falling into the inevitability of becoming as predictable and boring as her older sister she decided to go another way. She was very handy at using nunchakus and decided to put her muscle to the test on her first, and most nervous, mission for The Answer. She was told to go to the Gong’s Flower Delivery and deliver her next bouquet to an enemy of the Pharaohs, Renee Reyes.

When Ms. Reyes opened the door not only did the demure and kindly Faces go apeshit on her with a combination of scissor kicks and nunchaku pounding assaults—she also bruised Reyes’ face to the point that she was unrecognizable. She then demanded that she come to the florist to pay for the flowers she had wasted whooping her ass or she would continue to do more of the same every day until she did.

For her valor in battle, her Gemini-like personality, and her tendency to change her image like she changed her underwear she would forever be known as Changing Faces. But most people just call her The Amistad because she forces her enemies into servitude. Of course they whisper when they say this.

She recently quit her job at the florist and with the financial support of His Cake opened a tattoo parlor right beside his bakery. It is called Thai-t Tats.

His Cake

Random Fact: Before he started his own pastry business His Cake used to be a slim, lean, well-oiled sexy stud muffin. He still shows ladies his old pictures and tells them he still looks like that, he’s only wearing a disguise.

Weapon: Chainsaw

His parents are Hawaiian but he’s never seen the shore. His Cake spends his days in the halls of Thai-t Tats, the tattoo parlor he and Changing Faces own. He spends his free time in the bakery adjacent to it performing his duties as a chief. Cake is very dexterous; good at fixing machines and can whip up a mean red velvet cake.

Cake and Faces are best friends and treat each other as brother and sister. He does everything he can to protect Faces from any trouble and is a bit overprotective. They began to live together after Faces' mother found out she was a Pharaoh. Cake wishes that Mos and Kofo would have the sort of relationship he has with faces and tries to talk to Mos about being nicer to her. His words fall on deaf ears.

Cake has a boyish smile, a cloud of wavy black hair and olive skin. He wears shorts and sandals even in the coldest weather. He is six feet tall, 250 pounds, and is really just a teddy bear. That is until he’s assigned to a mission. That’s where he earned his name.

As a young kid, Cake found it difficult to stay on task when told to take out a specific target. He knew that as a Pharaoh he would only have a single chance to perform his task and should he fail, he would never get in. Because his short term memory is bad, instead of going all the way back to The Answer to ask for help he eliminated every suspicious person in the bar. Luckily, he eventually got the right one.

He was forever known as His Crazy Ass Kills Everybody.


Weapon: Machetes

Random Fact: When Mono was a child he would check the labels of the clothes his mother gave him. If they weren’t Baby Gap or better he’d walk around school naked.

More than urban, more than tasteful, more than a man. He’s metrosexual and he hates your spit ends.

Monolith has curly brown hair, chestnut skin and eyes that are usually masked in sunglasses. He dresses head to toe in Versace, Dior, and Gucci by day and usually wears a woman to bed at night.

He lives the fast life. Parties, alcohol, women. He has so many he can even refer them to Cake and Faces when they start to get clingy… meaning they want to see him again. His life is just one big one-night-stand.

Monolith’s first mission for The Answer was to go to Kleo’s strip club and kill her mark before she could. He pranced into the club with his machetes concealed in his man-bag and waited to figure out who she was going to pick. Then he followed the man to the bathroom, stripped him and cut him into quarters. Afterward he cleaned up and sat directly in the man’s old seat wearing his clothes.

When The Answer found out about this he asked Mono why he would put himself in the position to be mistakenly killed by Kleo. He replied, “Do you see how sexy she is? If I’m going to die, I’m going to die hard.

From then on he was known as Monolith because he was determined to stay hard under any conditions.

The Answer

The Answer is the leader of the Pharaohs. No one but Moses Altune knows The Answer’s true identity. There are rumors that they were childhood friends. The Answer is a power player in Rockport and, just as Mos has, does not indulge in the glitz and glamour of wealth.

It is said that The Answer is a spiritual leader and that one day will descend upon Rockport and start the riot that will free the poor from the clutches of the rich.

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Number of posts : 109
Age : 32
Location : Oz, Land of
Registration date : 2007-05-06

PostSubject: Re: Gang - Pharoahs   Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:08 pm

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Gang - Pharoahs
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