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 Character - Lulu a.k.a Little Red Riding Hood

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Character - Lulu a.k.a Little Red Riding Hood Empty
PostSubject: Character - Lulu a.k.a Little Red Riding Hood   Character - Lulu a.k.a Little Red Riding Hood Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2007 8:27 pm

Lulu Kirf aka Little Red Riding Hood

If there was one word that truly described Lulu it would have to be tenacious. Being a bullheaded brat of 19, Lulu has built her life around the code of the streets as an elite member of the Vice Lords. She is known by her fellow members as Little Red Riding Hood, or Little Red for short, due to her short red hair, which she inherited from the Russian side of her family. Coming from a broken home with a drug dealer and a prostitute for parents, Lulu felt a strong sense of security and belongingness from her gang’s street life mentality. Although she associates herself strongly with a such a self-deteriorating mentality like their own, she does not possess the limiting factor that makes all of her fellow members content with their social status in the hierarchy of life. However, she aspires to be a famous writer and artist, which explains the journal she keeps in the black book bag strapped to her back, and the many pictures she has stashed away at Joe’s bar hidden somewhere. (The bat cave of the Vice Lords)

Like all hoodlums and members of her gang do, she carries a specific weapon for protection, which is a huge metallic bat she used to play baseball with at North Ridge Park in her younger years. It comes in handy when knocking the members of other gangs out when they trespass upon the Vice Lords territory. Because trespassing upon the Vice Lords territory is tantamount to a declaration of war in their book. How does Lulu and this gang survive without the wonderful dinero? They don’t. They earn their money by selling drugs, stealing cars and selling them, and also fighting and betting in the famous fight club of their slums, which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday. Most gangs attend the fight club, however, the Vice Lords are the top dogs in that arena, so everyone wants a piece of them because beating a member of the Vice Lords is like proving yourself worthy of a title.

Now with the kidnapping of one of the Hornet’s members and a fine reward for all those who help to achieve Parker Shield’s goals. Lulu and the Vice Lords intend to take up Parker’s offer in exchange for the luscious look and feel of green. Although many of the members of Lulu’s gang plan to waste the money on drugs, prostitutes, and things of that matter, Lulu has a different plan for her money in view.

Lulu is 5’4” and sports one grey eye and one hazel eye. She is what one would like to call the developed type in all the right areas. She has short red hair and a beauty mark right below her left eye, which only adds to her soft features but highly contradicts her rough and rugged demeanor.
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Character - Lulu a.k.a Little Red Riding Hood
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