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 Character - Kofo Sunil

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Kofo Sunil elephant

Character - Kofo Sunil PbucketCharacter - Kofo Sunil Pbucket

Character - Kofo Sunil Pbucket

She looks sort of like this... only she has dreadlocks, not straight hair.

Pron. CO-foe Sun-ELLE rhymes with Coco Chanel

Refered to as "Sunny" or Kofo

The Sunil family has been struggling since before they could remember to get out of Rockport's labyrinth of ghettos. Every man in the family has been incarcerated or killed--every woman has stood resilient in the face of torment.

Kofo, something of a chemistry wizard, has finally broken out of the slums and into the land of spoiled brats. She is her family's hope and pride so she tolerates the university airheads without strangling them.

Kofo was an honors student at Rockport's finest institute of learning: Capulet University. It was a massive culture shock. Everyone there was disgustingly rich and she often went to sleep without anything to eat just to avoid having to sit alone in the dining hall. No one there understood her and instead of analyzing what was in her amazing mind… everyone wanted to touch her hair.

The university lost its only minority student when Kofo was charged by a tip off with drug possession and distribution. She used the school's labs to make the drugs and sold them to students on campus. Of course everyone pretended to be disgusted when it made the campus newspaper and immediately looked for other ways to catch their high now that their supplier was gone.

Because she is charged for these crimes she lost her scholarship and has to pay all the money back. On top of that she cannot graduate and receive her diploma until she raises enough money--even though she is a senior in her fall semester.

What's more is that her family has no idea that any of this has happened and still looks to her as the head of the household. The pressure on Kofo is enormous and she descends into some very bad habits.

Kofo is average height, curvy, has long dreadlocks and beautiful lips. Her eyes are as dark and fiery as she is. She's not soft spoken and she does not like the cops or the discrimination she faced at Capulet. She has a large chip on her shoulder and has a few razor blades hidden on her person. She can make molotov cocktails, tear gas and nail bombs. Kofo avoids face to face fights because there are very few weapons she knows how to use outside of her own mind. Fire helps and she uses it often, as well.

She rides a yellow chopper bicycle which still has some of the paint left.

She intends to investigate this kidnapping in the hopes of finding the kid in time to get the reward and finally have enough money to maintain her normal life and graduate.

Her motto: "Kofo is a bad mofo, bitches!"

And this she intends to hang, as a plaque, in her office when she becomes an esteemed and respected chemist. Little does she know that some of her fellow students are taking credit for her hard work while she’s away.
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Character - Kofo Sunil
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